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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life 

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This event is Gigi’s Kick off Domain Auction, Celebrating the life of Emma Foley. 

We will be on a mission to raise money for Charity to fund Emmasway. will help others and multiple causes Nationwide. GoDaddy had a Sale and Gigi went shopping for the world. 

The more we make the more we can help. Emma Wanted to save the world and loved everyone. This is my kept Promise to Em and to You. Every name is blessed and chosen just for you. Bids over 1000.00 can be claimed as a donation and recognized by Emmasway as A Silent Soldier. (more to come soon)at

Penny.Zone Coming Soon! All Domains that Do not Sell in Auction will be featured at the Penny.Zone and all new Auctions will be listed as 1 penny


For those of you who are following along., I am doing an experiment with this domain- It is not  I want to see how fast this site will increase traffic just follow with back links to all of my other projects. I will use my One-time Free SEO tool and then check back in a couple of months. I will let you know what I find.  Lol Then maybe I will sell it. 😊

I will have a complete list of my projects to follow in the coming months. Thanks for checking in… Gigi.


Premium Domain Names can be considered as a Virtual, piece of Real Estate Simply stated. 

Change your perspective and you change your life. There is so much help online to help you learn to this. We waste our precious lives working at some shit ass job and clogging our minds, bodies, and souls with what is NOT important, and our life’s mission becomes extinguished. Believe ME, I do not want to come back a thousand years later in a new and scarier world without simple necessities: maybe clean water, only chemically grown and modified food, (because all soil is contaminated), natures life-saving herbs have been taken away from the FDA stating some insane remark because they couldn't take the profit on the sale and so on..(We face all these issues today and it is up to us to teach our Children to take care of OUR mistakes) SO! Take a journey. Begin again. (WE ARE THE TEACHERS) What's the worse that can happen. Peace within? One message can change a life. (living your life every day in the Present. Hmm what a concept) DO IT! These are messages sent from heaven. These domains are my way of getting messages to millions. For me, this is my calling. I am open to all conversation about anything and anyone's opinion. Bring it on. Life is a journey for all to take part in. What are you waiting for... Contact me please if you do not understand how to bid and I will help you out. Further instructions will follow prior to Auction. Don’t worry, “You got this”. 

Peace Out.... Gigi...  



Auctions Coming Soon  Connecting the World One  Message (GTLDomain) at a time...


From Corporations to  small businesses.. From Artists to Zoologists.. 

From Doo'ers to Don'ters..From Democrats to Republicans.. 

  From Worship to Greed.. 

Gigi's Gotcha Covered on your domain name search at

 Gigi's Domain Auctions and Premium Domain Sales.

Who Are YOU! @  

Find out! Wake up! Step off the Matrix for 1 min...


Peace.Auction 6pm PDT

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Peace.Auction 6pm PDT

Peace.Auction coming soon. over 1400  prime domains for sale Until Sold

5 Primo Domains will be added Auction Day. Monies to Charity. Peace

Participating Auction houses Below

Complete links and instructions for bidding will be posted prior to start of Auction


Some Top Level domains that will be for sale. Full Auction lists coming soon. About me. :) I am a one person band. I am determined and I will get Gigis Messages to the world.




These   Top Level (TLD)  (nfs)


Find YOU, your brand, Your


Gigis   Domains will save the world….




Domains   are





Message, Your


Create   and Fund

She   loved all…






for   Sale!!!      More than

8,000   domains available


Gods.Auction (nsf)

Peace.Auction (nsf)


Business, Your Strength,

Your Passion. Here… Today!!!   to honor 

And   her blessed soul will

Emma   j Foley… She wanted to 

Will   live on forever…. gigi


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Thank you all for your understanding ahead of time of the creation of this huge campaign and auctions. I will have most domains for sale listed with godaddy, Afternic and Sedo. I will have premium domain Sales for every walk of life and I am very excited to share my new visions with you and make your Domain name search super easy!.. All offer will be reviewed an may be accepted prior to auction without notice. Starting June 1st you will start seeing my auctions start to post. On July 14, 2019 we will be having our first auction with all the combinations of listings above along with  Gigis  online Auction at 25% to 100% of all monies will be donated to Charity to honor Emma J Foley...  Check back to see new domain auctions. Peace Out... 

Gigis Domains - Be You! Say, and THEN DO!!!

BID NOW Gods.Auction 11/11


BID Peace.Auction ON NOW


BID NOW FYI.Auction Ongoing